Colour for Life
The Art of Living in Colour

Colour for Life is the art of living in colour; we offer you whole person development and holistic living. Colour for Life is an overall concept of experiencing everything as colour, be it advertising, clothing, décor or even your very own personalised colour art.

Colour Psycho-Dynamics is the art of using colour and expressive arts to enable individuals to re-connect with their own greatness. Thus, they may enjoy living their lives according to their own true path and purpose. Having found his own true life purpose, Mark is dedicated to helping others find their way using the most wonderful, natural tool within easy reach - Colour!

"Only within yourself exists that reality for which you long.
I can give you nothing that has not already it's being within yourself.
I can throw open to you no picture gallery but your own soul."
Herman Hesse

Colour Psycho-Dynamics is the unique approach to personal development; it is about empowering the individual using the medium of colour and expressive arts, enabling you to live your own best life.

Colour for Life offers you the key to a life of purpose and meaning.

Colour Specialist Mark Wentworth created Colour For Life as an extension of his knowledge of the many different areas of colour and its effects on our well-being. His work and extensive experience have shown that by using this powerful tool, colour can enable people to fulfil their true-life purpose.

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